“In a landmark ruling, Israel’s Supreme Court rejected all petitions against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forming a new government while under indictment”

When Judges Rule: A comparison between the US and Israel
by Alan Dershowitz
May 3, 2020

…Israel is a parliamentary democracy with an independent judiciary headed by a Supreme Court. It does not have a written Constitution, but it does have a series of basic laws that are quasi constitutional in nature. Unlike the United States Supreme Court which is constrained by the requirements that there be an actual case and controversy and that the case be brought by someone with standing, the Israel Supreme Court declined to accept such constraints on its power. This has led to controversial decisions that some Israeli critics – including some distinguished lawyers and academics — believe exceed the proper authority of courts, while others believe these decisions have been essential to maintaining the rule of law. READ MORE

JNS As Israel’s Supreme Court weighs in on unity government, how much power should it have? Despite the ruling in favor of the government, Gadi Taub, a senior lecturer at the School of Public Policy and the Department of Communications at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, told JNS that the very fact the court accepted the appeal for discussion is “outrageous,” “mind-boggling” and an “amazing feat of audacity”

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