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“In a landmark ruling, Israel’s Supreme Court rejected all petitions against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forming a new government while under indictment”

JERUSALEM POST When Judges Rule: A comparison between the US and Israel by Alan Dershowitz May 3, 2020 …Israel is a parliamentary democracy with an independent judiciary headed by a Supreme Court. It does not have a written Constitution, but … Continue reading

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“The Israeli media rarely address the threat to the nation’s democracy represented by a judicial and broader legal system”

JNS Why the Israeli left is still in power by Dr Kenneth Levin May 26, 2019 …[Israel’s] Supreme Court’s ideological bias has been rendered much more consequential by its activism. The court has assigned to itself the right to pass judgment … Continue reading

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Israel’s Supreme Court says no to exempting ultra-Orthodox from military service

BLOOMBERG Court Forces Israel to Face Its Ultra-Orthodox Problem by Daniel Gordis September 14, 2017 When Israel’s Supreme Court ruled this week that a law exempting ultra-Orthodox young men from military service is unconstitutional, it did more than pose yet another political … Continue reading

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