“All of the intersectional solidarity with enemies of Israel leads, of course, to hate for Israel, and, by extension, hate for Jews generally”

How “Social Justice” Movement Defines Jews as Villains
by Philip Carl Salzman
Spring 2020

…Black Lives Matter officially sides with Palestinian Arabs against Israeli Jews, notwithstanding the centuries of Arab slaving in Africa, the selling and holding of black slaves in Arab countries today, and the fact that many Arabs are highly prejudiced against blacks, and refer to them in Arabic as abd (slave). Feminists have sided with the Palestinian Arabs, although Palestinian women are still treated to male supremacy, seclusion, and honor killings. LGBTQ groups also support Palestinians, although LGBT persons are commonly victimized in the Arab and Persian worlds, while only in Israel are LGBT persons accepted and safe. To mention this is called, by social justice activists, “pinkwashing” of Israeli “oppression.”READ MORE

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