Letter to IRS charges “senior executives and staff members at the Whitney had “knowingly engaged in conduct which was flagrantly at odds with the Whitney’s charitable purpose”

Former Nazi Hunter Targeting Whitney Museum of Art in NYC Over ‘Capitulation’ to Anti-Israel Activists
by Staff
May 19, 2020

A former top official with the US Justice Department who hunted Nazi war criminals for two decades is spearheading a legal effort to strip the famed Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City of its tax-exempt status. The move follows a bitter row last year over the resignation of a board member, in which accusations of political bias and antisemitism played a decisive role….The individuals and groups that demanded [former Whitney Board Vice Chairman] Kanders’ resignation were “at the nexus of  widespread antisemitic, anti-capitalist and terrorism-connected movements.” Sher identified Amin Hussein — a Palestinian-American activist who founded the radical organization Decolonize This Place (DTP) — as the “chief agitator and ringleader” of the protests against Kanders…READ MORE

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