If taken seriously, Beinart’s solution could lead to a final solution

Peter Beinart’s one-state solution
by Clifford D. May
July 14, 2020

Peter Beinart is at it again. If you don’t know to whom I’m referring you might count yourself lucky, not bother to read the paragraphs that follow, and pick up a summer novel instead. For those not dissuaded: Mr. Beinart is a writer and TV commentator who has long wished to be regarded as a bold thinker, someone who says what lesser men dare not – though nothing that could possibly trigger the exquisite sensitivities of those who identify as “woke.” In a profile written ten years ago, Andrew Ferguson judged Mr. Beinart “one of the most energetic careerists anyone has ever seen,” adding: “What makes Beinart’s campaign of self-promotion conspicuous – week after week, year after year – is its utter lack of inhibition. There’s a kind of insouciance to it.” READ MORE

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