“The Democrats’ 2020 platform is a return to the Obama policy of appeasement to Iran’s nuclear ambitions and to Iran’s plans for regional hegemony”

The Democrats’ 2020 platform resurrects Obama’s hostility to Israel and appeasement of Iran
by Carol S. Greenwald
August 2, 2020

Democrats’ crowing that their 2020 platform on Israel is a victory for the moderates is disingenuous. The Democrat party’s 2020 platform is not pro-Israel. It is pro-Iran. The Democrat party’s platform promises to return to the Iran nuclear deal and rejects regime change “as the goal of U.S. policy toward Iran.” The opening statement of the platform stresses: “Democrats will call off the Trump Administration’s race to war with Iran and prioritize nuclear diplomacy, de-escalation and regional dialogue. Democrats believe the United States should not impose regime change on other countries and reject that as the goal of U.S policy towards Iran.” Translation: Obama’s appeasement of Iran’s nuclear and regional ambitions is back. READ MORE

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