“Leftists eager to silence #ADL for speaking out against anti-Semitism cancel a liberal group that dropped bipartisanship to help Democrats”

The ADL is targeted for not being woke enough for extremists
by Jonathan S. Tobin
August 18, 2020

...In a supreme irony, leftist anti-Semites have chosen to target the ADL, and not more centrist or conservative Jewish entities, as part of an effort aimed at canceling the group. A coalition of organizations has joined together behind a campaign called “#DropTheADL” which has put together an indictment of sins all intended to prove that it is guilty of not being a true “ally” of “progressives.” The signatories to this document are a ragtag collection of far-left extremist groups. Many of them are themselves guilty of anti-Semitism and efforts to delegitimize the State of Israel, as well as to mark out Jews for shunning and hate. READ MORE

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