Trump “managed to jump historic, emotional and ideological hurdles that many, including this writer, believed could not be crossed in the foreseeable future”

Trump and Nobel Prize: Make Deals Not War
by Amir Taheri
September 20, 2020

Do Norwegian politicians have a sense of humor after all? Or are they being deliberately provocative by nominating President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize in the middle of the biggest campaign of character assassination faced by any Western politician in recent times? At first glance, Trump may actually have a claim to the dynamite-maker’s prize. He has brokered normalization between Israel and two of its erstwhile Arab enemies, with more expected to follow. He may have also cleared the last foyer of conflict in former Yugoslavia by mediating a settlement between Serbia and Kosovo. READ MORE

REAL CLEAR POLITICS MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch: What Is The Difference Between Trump And Hitler? “I’m Not Saying There’s A Holocaust” Advertising executive Donny Deutsch compared President Trump and Adolf Hitler Wednesday morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “If you are a Jew in this country and you are supporting Donald Trump, you are not looking back at our history,” he said. “And you are blind and you are walking like a lemming off a cliff. It is time to wake up. I’m sorry. This is where we are.”

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