A Georgia State adjunct professor says he’s voting against anti-Semitism at the ballot box

When Mobs Rule, Jews Lose
by Jerry Levy
October 16, 2020

…I get it when the BLM leadership explicitly states they are Marxists. I get it when they march in the streets of D.C. screaming about “Israeli genocide,” and I get it when their platform finds space to single out only one foreign country for boycott and divestment, Israel. But what I don’t get are the secular leftist Jewish groups announcing support for this political movement that hates us. The Anti-Defamation League has even aligned themselves with Al Sharpton, a renown anti-Semite and bigot. The abandonment of American Jews by hundreds of Jewish organizations supporting BLM has been tragic. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER New York Times Op-Ed Glorifies Farrakhan March, as Bari Weiss Says Jew Hate Is Times Blind Spot A former editor and writer for the New York Times editorial page, Bari Weiss, is faulting the Times for publishing an op-ed piece glorifying Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March and failing to provide context about Farrakhan’s antisemitism. “Today the New York Times ran an oped about the Million Man March and Louis Farrakhan. If you read the oped and knew nothing about Farrakhan, you would think he was a gentleman,” Weiss tweeted.

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