“The NY Court’s opinion acknowledged that New York’s order indeed treated houses of worship more harshly than “essential” businesses, a category that includes liquor stores, bike shops and acupuncturists”

Why Are Jews Flinging anti-Semitic Libels at Jews Who Simply Want to Pray in Synagogue?
by Rabbi Avi Shafran
December 3, 2020

Orthodox Jews helped win a Supreme Court victory for religious freedom in America. The response? Rank bigotry, insults and wild accusations – from fellow Jews…The actual facts: The case concerned restrictions put in place by New York State on certain neighborhoods’ houses of worship that were more stringent than the reasonable and health-conscious rules for comparable secular facilities in the same areas. Even the largest shuls, built to hold hundreds of worshippers, were limited to ten occupants. What Agudath Israel (joined by two shuls and two individuals) and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn contended was that the unfair levying of those restrictions was an illegal infringement of Americans’ religious rights as codified in the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment. READ MORE

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