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#Trump reminds #Chicago #Rahm about his promise to “preserve, protect and defend” [VIDEO]

NEW YORK SUN The Trump-Emanuel Letter Editorial Board December 7, 2016 The following — strictly a suggested draft letter — was prepared by The New York Sun as an unsolicited service to the President-elect. *** Dear Rahm : That was … Continue reading

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For all his US Constitution-waving, #KhizrKhan would subordinate it to #ShariaLaw (which condones amputations and wife-beating, also death sentences for blasphemy or apostasy)

BREITBART Khizr Khan Believes the Constitution ‘Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia’ by Paul Sperry August 2, 2016 Notwithstanding his war-hero son’s genuinely patriotic example, Khizr M. Khan has published papers supporting the supremacy of Islamic law over “man-made” … Continue reading

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“The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia doesn’t merely mark a tragedy for Constitutional philosophy – it may mark the death of American Constitutionalism as a whole”

BREITBART Antonin Scalia’s Death Could Mark End of Constitution by Ben Shapiro February 14, 2016 Scalia’s philosophy of jurisprudence is well-known and shaped two generations of conservative thinkers: the Constitution ought to be interpreted according to its original meaning. This … Continue reading

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Obama, the ‘constitutional scholar’?

AMERICAN THINKER Here’s what ‘constitutional scholar’ Obama really taught at law school by Karin McQuillan January 10, 2016 Among the lies about himself Obama consistently repeats is that he was a constitutional law professor.  Lie one:  Obama was never a … Continue reading

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Congress proposes, Obama disposes

FRONT PAGE MAG God, Obama and Post-Constitutional America by Kenneth Levin October 27, 2015 …In the subsequent history of the republic, the grasping for additional power, particularly by the executive branch at the expense of Congress and of the citizenry, … Continue reading

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The Decline—and Fall?—of Religious Freedom in America

MOSAIC MAGAZINE by Bruce Abramson August 3, 2015 America’s “first freedom” is under attack from an ascendant cultural secularism. Christians are its first target, but Jews and Judaism may not be far behind. Religious freedom in America is under threat, … Continue reading

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Building the New Dark-Age Mind

PJ MEDIA by Victor Davis Hanson June 8, 2015 America’s descent into the Dark Ages will not end well. It never has in the past. History is not static and it does not progress linearly.  There was more free speech … Continue reading

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