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#ZOA: “We were surprised to see #ADL chief Jonathan Greenblatt now claim their collaboration with radical Islamists and Israel haters was unintentional”

ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA ZOA Criticizes ADL Signing Joint Letter with Israel Haters by Mort Klein June 15, 2017 …A year and a half ago, ZOA criticized the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for signing a joint letter together with virulent anti-Israel … Continue reading

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#Sharia “A parallel justice system has established itself in Germany”

GATESTONE Germany Submits to Sharia Law by Soeren Kern December 1, 2016 A German court has ruled that seven Islamists who formed a vigilante patrol to enforce Sharia law on the streets of Wuppertal did not break German law and … Continue reading

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For all his US Constitution-waving, #KhizrKhan would subordinate it to #ShariaLaw (which condones amputations and wife-beating, also death sentences for blasphemy or apostasy)

BREITBART Khizr Khan Believes the Constitution ‘Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia’ by Paul Sperry August 2, 2016 Notwithstanding his war-hero son’s genuinely patriotic example, Khizr M. Khan has published papers supporting the supremacy of Islamic law over “man-made” … Continue reading

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Bill Maher Full Interview Raheel Raza On Islam & Muslim Honor Killings [VIDEO]

BILL MAHER (HBO) March 4, 2016

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Canada celebrates the repression of women with a new holiday. But don’t expect the feminists to protest

GATESTONE What Is Canada Doing Celebrating Hijab Day? by Shabnam Assadollahi February 21, 2016 This Thursday, February 25, 2016, the city of Ottawa will be holding a public event celebrating the hijab, Islam’s physical repression of women. The City for All … Continue reading

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Which do you prefer, America or Somalia ? You might be surprised

An Ami Horowitz Digital Short May 27, 2015 Filmaker Ami Horowitz hits the streets of the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis to ask American Muslims what they think of America. According to his Twitter feed, Horowitz claims these quotes were not … Continue reading

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Heroes in Egypt Confront Islamist Ideology

GATESTONE by Michael Armanious March 7, 2015 What made Egyptian President Sisi’s speech remarkable is that he pointed to the problem within and did not blame a Western or Jewish conspiracy for the problems facing Muslims. The sad fact, which … Continue reading

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