The Biden administration has the chance to end the division between the parties about support for the Jewish state. Will they ?

Can the bipartisan consensus on Israel be revived?
by Jonathan S. Tobin
December 17, 2020

One of the standard laments of the organized American Jewish world in recent years has been the decline and fall of the bipartisan consensus on Israel. This complaint is based on the notion that the default inclination of most Americans is support for the Jewish state, and that the only reason that politics has become part of the discussion about relations between the two nations is because of the bad will of some partisans who wish to distort the debate to advance their personal agendas at the expense of the best interests of Israel and its supporters. For the last two decades, the focus of most of these complaints has been on Republicans, who have been accused by Democrats of politicizing an issue that should be above partisan considerations. READ MORE

NEW YORK POST Obama trafficked in anti-Semitic tropes — lefty media didn’t notice The words leap out and grab you. Former President Barack Obama characterizes no other world leader in anything like the terms he reserves for former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. In his recent memoir, Obama tells us that Sarkozy is a “quarter Greek Jew…” Little wonder, too, that he is “all emotional outbursts and overblown rhetoric,” while his conversation, which reflects unbridled ambition and incessant pushiness, “swoops from flattery to bluster to genuine insight.”

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