Bret Stephens to President Biden: The US can achieve a lot “when it abandons decades of conventional wisdom regarding the nature of the Middle East’s problems and the solutions to them”

Memo to President Biden: Please Don’t Mess Up the Abraham Accords
by Bret Stephens
February 2021

… The prospect that the Arab–Israeli conflict, long thought to be the world’s most intractable, might be brought to an end much sooner than anyone dreamed possible offers powerful lessons to the incoming Biden administration for how to conduct a successful Mideast peace policy—provided it has the humility and good sense to learn them. This is a story in three parts. The first is about the Arab world and its belated reckoning with the consequences of decades of domestic misrule. The second is about Israel, and the policies it pursued in defiance of relentless international condemnation…READ MORE

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