Jerusalem Post provides former PM Ehud Olmert a platform for a nasty, partisan attack on philanthropist and political donor Sheldon Adelson days after his death

I hate everything Sheldon Adelson loved about Israel
by Ehud Olmert
January 22, 2021

[Sheldon] Adelson wanted an extreme right-wing America that was fractious and in conflict with most of the Western world. He supported a nationalistic America that was involved in a conflict of the Cold War variety and that would solve the Iranian problem by dropping a nuclear bomb…He hoped with all his heart that Donald Trump would make his dreams come true. And to some extent, with everything pertaining to Israel, Trump was remarkably close to Adelson…Adelson LOVED an Israel that ignores its Arab citizens and refuses to recognize their equal rights. Adelson believed in a right-wing, nationalistic and fundamentalist Israel, though he himself was not a religious person. READ MORE

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