#Holocaust remembrance: “Participants from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Saudi Arabia joined viewers from North America, Europe and Israel in more personal kind of diplomacy”

In a first, Arab-initiated event commemorates the Holocaust in wake of Abraham Accords
by Eliana Rudee
January 27, 2021

In the wake of the Abraham Accords and in honor of International Holocaust Memorial Day on Jan. 27, individuals from the group Sharaka held an event to memorialize victims of the Holocaust and to promote an action plan for Holocaust awareness and combating anti-Semitism. According to Sharaka (“partnership” in Arabic), this week’s event was the first-ever initiative to commemorate the Holocaust, bringing together Arab leaders in the Middle East. Participants from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Saudi Arabia—some of whom participated in Sharaka’s tour of Israel in December, which marked many of their first experiences learning about the Holocaust—were joined by viewers from North America, Europe and Israel. READ MORE

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Ruth R. Wisse: The Dark Side of Holocaust Education But is there any evidence that Holocaust education decreases hatred of the Jews among those Americans who are susceptible to it? In reality, anti-Semitism in the United States has spread in tandem with increased teaching about the Holocaust. And there is really no sound theoretical underpinning for this expanding educational initiative.

JEWISH JOURNAL Micha Danzig: If “Never Again” Means Something, It Must Go Hand-in-Hand With “Never Forget” Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day….As a person who is active on social media and in writing articles about both Israel and anti-Semitism, I often hear from anti-Semites and Israel-haters (I know, I am being redundant) that Jews “talk too much about the Holocaust.”

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