“Heads of major vaccine producers say they expect Israeli data to help the rest of the world beat COVID-19”

Pfizer execs thank Israel for data
by Shlomo Witty
March 11, 2021

Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer revealed tonight (Thursday) why Israel was the first to receive a significant inventory of vaccines against COVID-19.”We knew it would be good for humanity if we chose one country where we could demonstrate what the complete vaccination of the population could contribute to the health of its people, and also to the economy – because the economy could be reopened,” Bourla said in an interview with Channel 12. “Of course I talked to several heads of state, including Netanyahu, and he convinced me that Israel is a place with the right conditions for an experiment. I was impressed by your prime minister’s obsession – he called me 30 times.” READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Restaurants fully booked as Israelis flock back after year of restrictions Some places reporting 10-day waiting lists for a spot; credit card use jumps after eateries, cafes reopen

ALGEMEINER ‘South Park’ Special Episode Pokes Fun at Israeli Vaccine Drive Israel’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign arrived in Colorado Wednesday night during an hourlong special of the long-running ‘South Park’ cartoon. The episode, ‘South ParQ Vaccination Special’, took on QAnon conspiracy theories and the struggle to vaccinate the fictional town’s population against the coronavirus. 

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