“So malevolent and false are these claims that they make this Op-Ed in the Forward perhaps the most dishonest account of Israel’s vaccination program that has appeared in the mainstream, English-language press”

Forward Publishes Egregious Lie About Israeli Vaccinations
March 9, 2021

Sari Bashi says she is “dismayed” that Israel distributes and withholds COVID-19 vaccines according to ethnicity. This charge of ethnic discrimination is the central premise of her March 8 Op-Ed in the Forward, which argues that Jews, because they’re Jews, get the vaccine, while other ethnic groups, because they’re not, do not…The charge that Israel withholds live-saving resources from those who aren’t Jewish, moreover, not only echoes the ancient blood libel that accused Jews of the ritualistic killing of non-Jews, but also fuels the antisemitic slur that Jews care only about their own kind. In fact — and it is an uncontroversial fact — Israel vaccinates its citizens without regard to ethnicity. It vaccinates its Jews. It vaccinates members of the country’s large Arab minority, which numbers nearly two million. It vaccinates its Circassian and Samaritan citizens. And it vaccinates citizens of any other ethnicity. READ MORE

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