PM’s Likud projected to win 30-32 seats, and to clinch 60 along with declared and potential partners; 51% don’t want him as PM, but he’s still far more popular than his challengers

Israel Elections: Likud lead grows, as Sa’ar keeps falling – poll
by Gil Hoffman
March 19, 2021

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud’s lead over other parties hit a new peak on Thursday in the final Panels Research poll taken for The Jerusalem Post and Maariv newspapers ahead of Tuesday’s election. The poll predicted 30 seats for Likud, up from 27 last week. All of Netanyahu’s challengers fell since last week’s poll, with Yesh Atid dropping from 20 seats to 19, Yamina from 11 to 10 and New Hope from 10 to a record low of only eight seats. Gideon Sa’ar’s party, which at one point trailed Likud by only five seats, is now in a four-way tie for fourth place, with the Joint List, Shas and Yisrael Beytenu. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Highest turnout in weeks at final pre-election protest against Netanyahu In a final mass protest before the March 23 elections, thousands of demonstrators gathered in Jerusalem on Saturday evening to call for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign. Protesters from all across the country marched from the Knesset to Jerusalem’s Paris Square, which abuts Netanyahu’s residence on Balfour Street. Organizers of the demonstration said some 15,000 protesters attended at first, later estimating that a total of about 50,000 were there.

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