Tom Friedman “misses the most important aspect of the accords, which is the end of the Palestinian veto over peace between Israel and the Muslim world”

The two Tom Friedmans
by Mitchell Bard
March 17, 2021

…Analyst Friedman correctly observes that the establishment of relations between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan “could be game-changing.” He even gives credit to former President Donald Trump and his senior adviser, son-in-law Jared Kushner, for the breakthrough. Then Prime Minister Friedman steps in and wants to change the game back by adopting the failed approach of former President Barack Obama in trying to bend Israel to his will. He is horrified that “right-wing Jewish settlers” are “aggressively reaching out to the Gulf Arabs to come visit.” God forbid, they should see life in Israel for themselves rather than filtered through Al Jazeera… READ MORE

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