“A shift towards the Palestinians and anti-Israel international organizations, coupled with an ominous silence about a drift to Iran appeasement, are all recreating Obama’s “daylight” strategy”

Has Biden already betrayed the trust of pro-Israel Democrats?
by Jonathan S. Tobin
April 5, 2021

It’s only been 11 weeks since Joe Biden was sworn in as president of the United States. With the president preoccupied with domestic politics and waging rhetorical warfare on his Republican opponents, it’s clear that foreign policy is a low priority for the new administration. And with Biden diving headfirst into partisan scrums—accusing Republicans of being racists with brazenly false accusations about a Georgia voting law and promoting an infrastructure bill that is more of a liberal project wish list than it is about rebuilding bridges and highways—there seems to be little space or oxygen left for a debate about his intentions abroad. READ MORE

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