“Biden nominee Colin Kahl’s creepy insinuation was debunked last week. The question is why his Pentagon pick said it in the first place”

Does Israel Lie America Into Wars?
by Tony Badran
April 22, 2021

…[Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei advisor] Mohsen Rezaee’s statement marked the first time Iran has acknowledged that the nuclear archive lifted by the Israelis was real—a fact that was obvious to any sentient observer from the size, complexity, and interconnected nature of the materials, which would have taken many years and a very technologically advanced team of forgers to manufacture out of whole cloth. Yet the Iranians had previously been loath to admit that the archive was authentic, presumably because both its contents and its theft were embarrassing to the regime. Which leaves President Joe Biden’s former national security adviser and current nominee for undersecretary of defense for policy, Colin Kahl, in the ludicrous position of being the only Iranian nuclear archive denialist still standing. READ MORE

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