At J Street conference, “Elizabeth Warren became the first American political leader to openly call for the overthrow of the leader of a sister democracy”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
For Progressives, Netanyahu isn’t the problem
by Caroline Glick
April 23, 2021

…In her [J Street] speech, Warren called on – or rather demanded that – opponents of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “join together to begin the difficult task of rooting out corruption and reinstating the rule of law,” by ousting Netanyahu from power. Warren claimed Trump was defeated only because all the forces from across America’s political spectrum that opposed him banded together. “Israel’s elected leaders,” she barked, “should do the same and give the Israeli people a new prime minister.” Undoubtedly, many Israelis would be hard pressed to feel shock at Warren’s exhortation. After all, the “NeverBibi” crowd of Netanyahu haters in Israel have been saying similar things for years. But there are two big differences between Netanyahu’s Israeli antagonists and Warren. READ MORE

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