PM-designate Bennett defends deal with Lapid: ‘My core vow was to get Israel out of the chaos’; retracts charge that Ra’am’s Abbas is ‘terror supporter,’ calls him honest, brave

Bennett: ‘I told my kids their father will be the most hated person in Israel’
by Raoul Wootliff
June 4, 2021

In his first interview since signing an agreement that would see him lead a government to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yamina chair Naftali Bennett on Thursday defended his decision to form a power-sharing coalition with Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, saying he did it “for the sake of the country” Speaking with Channel 12 news, prime minister-designate Bennett pushed back on criticism from some on the right that he broke his promise not to join a government in which Lapid would serve as prime minister. In the new coalition, Bennett is set to become prime minister for the first two years, followed by Lapid for the latter two. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Bennett under attack by Evangelical leader for helping oust Netanyahu Israel’s pending power change has split the US Evangelical Christian community, with one of its top leaders launching a scathing attack on Yamina Party head Naftali Bennett, although others believe that the community’s support goes beyond Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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