“All things considered, a review of the relationship between Washington and Islamabad seems long overdue”

ISRAEL HAYOM (be agreement with JNS)
Unfriending Pakistan
by Clifford D. May
September 22, 2021

We now know for certain that powerful elements within Pakistan’s military and intelligence establishment helped create the Afghan Taliban in the early 1990s and continued to fund and train its fighters even after the US intervention in 2001. The Taliban’s close alliance with al Qaeda apparently troubled them not at all. Author Elliot Ackerman, who served as a Marine in Afghanistan, is hardly alone in believing that had Pakistani leaders ended that support and shut the border to the Taliban – whose leaders retreated to Pakistani bases every winter – the organization would have “collapsed” rather than soldiering on until American leaders grew tired and quit – the outcome the jihadis both expected and predicted. READ MORE

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