#AJC: “That one in four American Jews has been the target of anti-Semitism over the past year alone, and that four out of 10 have taken steps to conceal their Jewishness or curtail their activities as a result should alarm Americans”

US Jews start to see far-left as serious threat, four in 10 Jews have had to conceal identity
by Faygie Holt
October 25, 2021

For the third year in a row, the American Jewish Committee has released a survey about anti-Semitism in the United States and found large discrepancies in results between Jewish and non-Jewish respondents. According to the survey, 60 percent of non-Jews say anti-Semitism is a very serious problem or somewhat of a problem in the United States today. By contrast, 90 percent of Jewish respondents said anti-Semitism is a very serious problem or somewhat of a problem….One of the more surprising findings was a 10 percent jump in the number of Jews who perceive the extreme political left as a challenge from previous surveys with 38 percent saying it is a very serious or moderately serious threat…READ MORE

ALGEMEINER Three Attackers in Berlin Beat Man Unconscious After He Refuses to Shout ‘Free Palestine’ A 36-year old man was brutally beaten up by a group of three attackers in Berlin after he allegedly refused to say “Free Palestine,” police have said. According to an initial report by Berlin police, the victim was walking on a sidewalk on Monday night when he was approached by three men who asked him to shout out something aloud…When the victim resisted the demand, the three men cornered him, beat him up and kicked him, seriously injuring his head, police said. 

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