#WokeLogic: “Israelis are simply whites (an obvious lie) who are said to oppress the darker-skinned, innocent, indigenous Palestinian population”

Israelis give American Jewish leaders a bad review
by Charles Jacobs
November 10, 2021

…The Israeli study validates our analysis: that American Jewish leaders are, like deer in the headlights, paralyzed by their own misunderstanding of the current socio-political dynamics in American society. They seem incapable of responding to the rise of “intersectionality” — a radical organizing scheme which has captured major American institutions and upended mainstream Jewish policy. This ascendant “woke/progressive” strategy divides America into two opposing camps: the oppressive whites and the oppressed “people of color” along with their allied gender minorities. This new division displaces Jews out of their former position as friends and supporters of American minorities, and as (former) co-victims. It re-defines Jews as “white adjascents” — oppressors who exploit the victim classes. READ MORE

WORLD ISRAEL NEWS ADL convenes a summit of antisemites to fight antisemitism The ADL’s decision to stock its virtual conference with radical leftists who wage a disinformation war against Jews shows just how destructive to Jewish life the organization’s wokeness under Greenblatt has become.

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