It is beginning to dawn on the Israelis that when it comes to Iran’s nuclear program, the Jewish state stands alone. Iran reveals “rocket alert” map displaying targets Iran would strike including pins in Lebanese territory and on Palestinian cities

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
The generals’ belated awakening
by Caroline Glick
December 10, 2021

Something is changing in Israel’s military brass’ assessment of the Iranian nuclear threat. Evidence is growing that members of the IDF General Staff and the Mossad are beginning to realize that the US doesn’t share Israel’s goal of preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear power. Last week, for instance, Michael Makovsky, head of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America, (JINSA) a Washington-based group that cultivates ties between Israeli and US generals, published an article in the New York Post in which he described their rude awakening. Makovsky wrote, “Recent meetings with senior defense officials from our closest Middle East ally, Israel, were the most pessimistic I can recall. They perceive America as checked out, adrift, pusillanimous, unfeared and desperate to avoid military confrontation, and Iran as emboldened and nearing the nuclear weapons threshold.” READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Iranian mouthpiece threatens Israel with map of targets Iran’s state-affiliated Tehran Times issued a threat to Israel on Wednesday, publishing a map of the country riddled with markers as a reminder that Iranian forces can ostensibly strike anywhere they want. Alongside a front-page opinion piece headlined “Just one wrong move!” the map showed scores of markers along the length and breadth of the country.

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