Hundreds of American rabbis across the political spectrum sign open letter pushing back against increasing intolerance within Jewish community

Will Rabbis’ Statement Spark a Moment of Reckoning for the Jewish Community?
by Monica Osborne
January 13, 2022

The past nearly two years have left indelible marks on the soul of America. We have become increasingly divided on every issue imaginable. Whether it’s how best to address racial injustice, how to understand the delicate nuances of gender and sexuality, whether to establish COVID-19 mandates, or which voices we can trust when it comes to vaccines and the pandemic, our rhetoric has become explosive and alienating almost without exception. We wear our outrage and anger more prominently than our compassion and understanding, which have become little more than remnants of a time barely recalled. Battle lines are drawn on every front, and we’ve stopped both listening and talking to one another. With societal cracks and fissures more apparent than ever, we’ve ceased to be a community in the truest sense of the word. READ MORE

Read letter from “Committee of Concerned Rabbis” with signatories

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