“Never has a U.S. president given up so much leverage so quickly for absolutely zero gain”

Biden saves Iran from itself
by Richard Goldberg
January 20, 2022

President Joe Biden came into office pledging to rejoin the 2015 Iran nuclear deal quickly and then negotiate a follow-on agreement to address the deal’s many flaws. A year later, he’s laying the groundwork for an even worse deal that would pour billions of dollars into Iran’s terror infrastructure and leave the regime on the threshold of attaining nuclear weapons. Try as his administration might to pass the blame, one man alone is responsible for this catastrophic policy failure: Joe Biden…If the supreme leader had any doubt left about whether he could establish Iran as a nuclear weapons threshold state without fearing a U.S. military response, Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, looking the other way as the Taliban marched on Kabul, sealed his calculus. READ MORE

THE DISPATCH Jonathan Schanzer: A Year of Unforced Errors for Biden in the Middle East One year into his presidency, Joe Biden endeavors to pivot away from the Middle East. The Middle East simply won’t let him. Like his predecessors, the president continues to struggle with the right approach to this important and perilous region. To date, many of Biden’s approaches have amounted to unforced errors. A number of them are likely to haunt him.

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