#AmnestyInternational leader #Callamard obsesses on Israel “while she’s known to be closely affiliated with terror-linked individuals”

Antisemite of the Week: Agnés Callamard
Amnesty International’s Sham

February 12, 2022

Agnés Callamard is the Secretary-General of Amnesty International, a British-based NGO that claims to campaign for human rights for all. Under Callamard’s leadership, Amnesty’s mission has morphed into a witch-hunt against the world’s sole Jewish nation, the State of Israel. When confronted with the fact that the organization not only ignores but also promotes antisemitism, it outrageously stated “we can’t campaign on everything” despite the fact that they found time to issue a 100-page report on Islamophobia. Callamard’s atrocious obsession with demonizing the Jewish state extends to spreading lies about Israel such as alleging it was involved in the death of PLO leader, Yasser Arafat. READ MORE

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