How ADL went woke, embraced #criticalracetheory, lost the plot

The Revolution Inside the ADL
Seth Mandel
April 2022

…[Rabbi] Wright singled out the ADL’s redefinition of “racism” as indicative of how far it has strayed from its mission. Under Greenblatt, he said, “the literature, some of the positions, are not in the core belief system of the Jewish people.” Instead, it is furthering an ideology “that is simply angering more Jews and not protecting us.” He noted the “deeply troubling” hiring of Tema Smith, recalled some of her greatest hits, and said overall that the new ADL is “siding with a certain political ideology, one which I believe and many Jews believe is harming their mission.” Wright’s choice of words is important, because this is not about [Jonathan] Greenblatt’s favoritism toward his fellow Democrats—though he certainly displays that bias as well—but rather adherence to an ideology, a new way of thinking.  READ MORE

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