“If ever there was a time when Israel needed its supporters in America to speak up, this moment is it”

16 Questions: “We the People” Demand Transparency on the Iran Nuclear Deal
David Suissa
March 29, 2022

Up until now, the opposition to President Joe Biden’s efforts to revive the Iran nuclear deal, or JCPOA, has revolved around criticizing the deal. That’s been my approach as well. I’ve written several columns arguing that this new deal is a lot worse than the flawed original and endangers not just Israel but also the world. In recent weeks, however, a twist has been added: People are demanding to see the details. “Lawmakers in both parties say they have been left largely in the dark about what a new agreement with Iran might look like,” The Hill reported on March 21, “and they fear it will be significantly weaker than the deal former President Obama cut in 2015 because the United States has lost time and leverage.” READ MORE

STANDWITHUS CALL TO ACTION: Let Congress & The American People Review the Iran Nuclear Deal Email the President, the Secretary of State, and your Representatives supporting the right of Congress to review all nuclear deals with Iran’s regime. Click here to email them now.

REAL CLEAR DEFENSE In Iniochos Exercise, Israel Rehearses Iran Strikes as Saudis Observe The Greek-hosted Iniochos 2022 military exercise began this week, with Athens welcoming military contingents from the United States, Israel, Cyprus, France, Italy, and Slovenia..Saudi Arabia is sending observers for the first time publicly to the exercise…Israel is using Inochios 2022 to rehearse some of the combat capabilities it would need to conduct strikes against Iran’s nuclear program.  

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