“Israeli “practices and assaults” during Ramadan will lead to an “explosion,” Hamas and other Palestinian factions warned”

Palestinians warn Israel’s actions will lead to violence during Ramadan
Khaled Abu Toameh
March 31, 2022

The rising tensions between Israel and the Palestinians are reminiscent of the days that preceded the large-scale IDF operation in the West Bank 20 years ago, Shami al-Shami, a senior member of the ruling Fatah faction in the Jenin area, said Thursday. In 2002, the IDF launched Operation Defensive Shield, the largest military operation in the West Bank since the Six Day War in 1967, to stop terrorist attacks against Israel. Israel’s actions, including “incursions” into Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps, are threatening to derail efforts to ease tensions on the eve of Ramadan, which starts on Saturday evening, Shami, a former member of the dissolved Palestinian Legislative Council, told The Jerusalem Post. READ MORE

JPOST Operation ‘Break the Wave:’ Security forces brace for rising terrorism tide “Citizens of Israel, we are currently experiencing a wave of murderous terrorism and, just like in all the previous waves, we will prevail together,” said Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

TIMES OF ISRAEL Cop Amir Khoury, who halted Bnei Brak terror, mourned as ‘hero of Israel’ at funeral Ultra-Orthodox residents of Bnei Brak among thousands at funeral for Christian Arab cop who died taking out terrorist; ‘We will not forget Amir,’ says police minister Barlev

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