Biden’s new press secretary: “AIPAC’s policies are not progressive policies”

Karine Jean-Pierre, who endorsed AIPAC boycott, to be next White House press secretary
Ron Kampeas
May 5, 2022

President Joe Biden named as his next press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, a former official of the activist MoveOn group who endorsed its call on Democratic presidential candidates to boycott the annual AIPAC conference. Jean-Pierre will be the first Black woman in the job and succeeds Jen Psaki, who has reportedly accepted an offer from MSNBC as a commentator, as the lead voice for the Biden administration with the media…Jean-Pierre has drawn fire from some in the pro-Israel community for a 2019 op-ed in which she endorsed pressure by MoveOn on Democratic Party presidential candidates to boycott the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. READ MORE

ZOA ZOA Condemns Biden’s Appointment of Another Israel-Basher Karine Jean-Pierre as Press Secretary In an era of a frightening surge in irrational hatred and attacks against Jews and Israel, Biden’s horrific appointment will inspire more antisemitism, Israel-bashing and violence against Jews. Why are the other Jewish leaders and groups displaying a deafening silence on this frightening antisemitic appointment, as they have on Biden’s endless group of appointments hostile to Israel?

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