“The fact that Abbas and entourage don’t even bother to rein in or denounce the terrorists is apparently seen by many Palestinians as a green light to continue the attacks”

Israel’s ‘Peace Partner’ Is Slaughtering Israelis
Khaled Abu Toameh
September 26, 2022

In the past few months, there has been a rise in the number of terrorist attacks against Israelis carried out by gunmen belonging to, or associated with, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its ruling faction, Fatah. These two bodies are headed by one man: Mahmoud Abbas, who has zero compunction about his loyalists murdering and wounding Israelis. On the contrary, he encourages it and pays generously for it — with money from Europe and the United States…Fatah, however, has proved over the years that its actions and rhetoric are actually no different from those of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the terror groups that openly call for the elimination of Israel. READ MORE

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