“Britain is changing into a multicultural state. The bonds of society that keep everyone together are fraying fast”

An altered state: There is no such thing as a multicultural society
Melanie Phillips
November 30, 2022

A society only exists where its inhabitants regard themselves as bound together by a culture composed of language, religion, law, literature, traditions, customs and so on expressed through civic and political ideals embedded in the historic development of that culture. Different ethnicities can sign up to the norms established by that culture, even if they are newcomers who didn’t share in its development. But there has to be an identifiable overarching culture to which they can sign up. Multiculturalism, by contrast, means that no one culture defines a nation which is composed instead of a babel of cultures. Moreover, multiculturalism holds that the indigenous culture cannot declare its values superior to any other. So it cannot lay down cultural norms which everyone is expected to share. Multiculturalism therefore destroys society as a body of people with a shared collective national vision. READ MORE

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