Best explanation of why CRT and ethnic studies are antisemitic

Legal Scholar Suzanna Sherry: CRT and DEI Inherently Racist and Anti-Jewish
November 22, 2022

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) are extremely important human rights ideals, and educational programming is an essential element in the effort to achieve them. On campus and in the workplace, there has been a dramatic and pervasive rise in DEI personnel and programming. At the same time that ever-increasing resources are devoted to DEI, however, there has been an unprecedented explosion in virulent Jew-hatred. DEI, and its parent ideology, critical race theory (CRT), uphold the racist and Marxist libel that Jews are blessed with an inordinate level of “white privilege,” and, because the Jewish state “oppresses” Palestinians, Jews are guilty of racist atrocities against non-white people. This presentation by Vanderbilt legal scholar Suzanna Sherry explains that the ideas behind DEI and CRT are inherently racist — thus anti-Jewish — and “we have to get rid of them.” READ MORE

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