Glick: “Irving, West, the Black Israelites, the Nation of Islam and their ilk have no choice but to demonize the Jews, because Jewish endurance and legitimacy expose the fraud at the heart of their invented identity”

Cultural appropriation and the Jews
Caroline Glick
December 1, 2022

On Monday night, an Egyptian television reporter covering the World Cup tournament in Doha, Qatar was assaulted by an angry mob and forced to leave the games to avoid being lynched. The mob assaulted him because they mistook him for an Israeli reporter. Qatari officials were reportedly embarrassed by the incident. They weren’t embarrassed about the crowd’s violent anti-Semitism, though. The Qataris were embarrassed because their officials hadn’t believed the poor Egyptian when he insisted he was one of them. And so, they stood by as the mob gave him the “Israeli treatment.”From the moment they touched down in Doha to cover the World Cup, Israeli reporters have been showered with hatred. READ MORE

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