President Joe Biden continues to boast, without evidence, that he has strengthened relations with U.S. allies, but Saudi Arabia has different ideas, planning a meeting with the Palestinian terror group Hamas on Sunday

Saudis said set to host top Hamas delegation, further dimming Israeli hopes for ties
April 16, 2023

A senior delegation representing Palestinian terror group Hamas was set to visit Saudi Arabia on Sunday, according to multiple Arabic media reports, representing a major development as Israel’s hopes of forging official ties with Riyadh appear to dwindle further. For many years, Saudi Arabia’s relationship with Hamas has been cold and tense, and the kingdom even arrested many people with ties to the jihadist group, which rules the Gaza Strip and openly seeks Israel’s destruction. But following its landmark rapprochement with Iran, Riyadh appeared set to host a high-level delegation including Hamas politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh…READ MORE

BREITBART Joel Pollak: Another Biden Diplomatic Failure: Saudis to Host Palestinian Terror Group Hamas The regional peace process that Trump began has been on hold since Biden took over. Biden also restored funding to the Palestinians — circumventing a U.S. law that prevents taxpayer funding of the Palestinian Authority while it continues to reward terrorism — and was promptly rewarded with a Hamas war against Israel in the spring of 2021. The Saudi-Iranian rapprochement is only the most recent example of a regression.

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