IAF said Thursday that interception rate of rockets headed for populated areas during the flare-up was 90.5%

‘Technical error’ caused Iron Dome to malfunction during Gaza terror onslaught
May 4, 2023

A “technical error” caused a malfunction in the Iron Dome missile defense system during Tuesday’s conflagration with Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip, an Israel Air Force investigation found. During a barrage on Tuesday afternoon, several rockets hit populated areas in Sderot, including one that wounded three foreign nationals working on a construction site. A ceasefire that took effect early Wednesday ended 24 hours of fighting during which more than 100 rockets were fired at the Jewish state…The exchange erupted early Tuesday morning when senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Khader Adnan died in an Israeli prison after an 87-day hunger strike. READ MORE

JNS Yaakov Lappin: Rocket attacks from Gaza demonstrate the fragility of Israeli deterrence Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are prepared to absorb airstrikes in order to terrorize Israeli civilians and market themselves as “authentic” fighters against the Jewish state.

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