Elon Musk is far from the only public figure who has been accused of antisemitism for attacking Soros. FL Gov. Ron DeSantis was recently the subject of a pile-on accusing him of Jew-hatred for referring to “Soros-funded DAs”

Soros, antisemitism and the progressive assault on language
Caroline Glick
May 18, 2023

One of the key characteristics of our difficult times is the way in which the progressive left has hijacked language. Among other things, progressives have seized the language of bigotry to demonize non-progressives as bigots while engaging in and promoting bigotry themselves. “Antisemitism” is one of the key terms that has been hijacked. This week, we saw a number of demonstrations of its exploitation at the hands of progressives to demonize those they deem a threat to their political and cultural power. The most discussed demonstration of how the popular term for Jew-hatred has been weaponized is the pile-on against multi-billionaire and free speech champion Elon Musk by supporters of multi-billionaire and progressive political warfare bankroller George Soros. READ MORE

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