Caving to Iran, Part 2

by Lee Smith
January 26, 2015

….Tehran announced it was building two new nuclear reactors in the Bushehr region. That’s perfectly okay, said the State Department….Of course, the notion that it’s fine to build more reactors somewhat complicates the Obama administration’s claims that the agreement froze the Iranian nuclear program. But in the year since the interim agreement with Iran was signed, it’s become clear that the White House defines “froze” very flexibly. The agreement also acknowledges Iran’s right to enrich uranium. It allows Iran unlimited work on its plutonium reactor at complex at Arak, provided Iran does not touch the reactor itself.

It ignores Iran’s ballistic missile program [Pentagon 2013 report :“Iran will likely continue to pursue longer range ballistic missiles and more capable [space-launch vehicles], which could lead to the development of an ICBM system,” the report said, noting that “Iran could develop and test an ICBM capable of reaching the United States by 2015.”]. All this while the administration has provided sanctions relief that has rescued the Iranian economy and encouraged European businesses to seek opportunities in Iran. READ MORE

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