In Our Neck of the Woods, Actions Speak Louder than Words

by Dr Mordechai Kedar
April 2, 2015

Talk is cheap, but meaningless in the Middle East. Look at what they do, not at what they say.

….Israel has to learn from Sisi, the man who succeeded in forcing the correct course of action on America, Europe and all those who opposed him. Only actions have an effect on reality in the Middle East, and for everyone who has a short memory: Israel, too, was established when the Jewish People got sick and tired of words and began to act. In our neighborhood, we don’t talk. We act. Those who talk usually don’t do anything and have no desire to do anything, hoping that their words will cover up for their lack of action. Israel’s new government must work together on a practical plan, not one that is all verbiage and “agreements” – and start acting to put facts on the ground. In the long run, the world accepts Middle East reality, even unpleasant reality, because that is how this region operates. READ MORE

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