How Jews Can Help Christians Learn to Succeed as a Minority

by Bruce Abramson
August 27, 2015

As Christians in America lose their majority status, they can gain from the experience of a religious minority that’s been here from the start

….America’s practicing Christians must learn—quickly—to function as a bona-fide minority rather than as a frustrated majority. In political terms, a majority attempts to motivate base support behind laws that lock in place its own preferred positions; for its part, a minority attempts to build coalitions behind laws that “let a hundred flowers bloom” (as Mao might have said about other flowers than religion). The shift from the one strategy to the other can be jarring and disruptive; it requires new skills, new modes of thought, new allies, and frequently new self-images. Events of the past few years suggest strongly that anti-traditionalists are now playing offense in American culture, leaving all traditional groups to play defense. For the community of practicing Christians, the sudden need for an effective defense will take them into terrain that Jews have occupied for most of American history. READ MORE

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