Russia aggressively enters the Mid East equation, but where is this headed? Three perspectives

Moscow enters the Syrian fray, but to what end?
by Avi Issacharoff
September 27, 2015

…Russia’s willingness to jump into the Middle Eastern fray is a result of America’s weakness across the region. The war against Islamic State did not bear fruit as Pentagon officials had hoped, and the Islamists are still on the march. The program to train moderate rebels and give them advanced weapons did not bring the expected results. But beyond this, the Russians smelled America’s hesitation in the Middle East, its vacillation about using force. Moscow understands that Obama’s USA will do anything to avoid being dragged into another war in the region. READ MORE

Russian Arms: to Syria Today, Tomorrow to a “Demilitarized Palestine”
by Mark Langfan
September 27, 2015

In the time it would take an Israeli tourist to finish an Israeli breakfast, Russia deployed close to a thousand Russian special operations soldiers to Syria.  No UN resolution. No discussion.  No nothing.  “President” Assad, the genocidal mass-murderer of hundreds of thousands of Sunnis, merely “invited” the Russians to come, and they came….If ever a terrorist Palestinian state is formed in the “West Bank”, any Palestinian terrorist president can, and will, just as easily invite the Russians into their new country within a day.  Before Israel, or anyone will know it, Russians and their anti-aircraft missile batteries will line the Green Line. The moment that happens, start saying Kaddish for Israel. READ MORE

Israel’s biggest fears are materializing
by Boaz Bismuth
September 27, 2015

Washington is reaching out to Russia, which is openly helping Syrian President Bashar Assad, who is working in conjunction with Iran, which in turn supports Hezbollah. Now Europe is prepared to talk to Assad, but what about us, for heaven’s sake? READ MORE

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