Jews Leave Europe as Arab-Muslims arrive

The Departure of European Jewry
by Michael Lumish
November 4, 2015

Just as significant percentages of the Arab nation are on the march into Europe – taking the Middle East with them – so a significant percentage of European Jews are packing it in for Israel.  This past year is a record among French Jews for the making of aliyah, i.e., Jews returning to the Jewish national home. In fact, French aliyah is up 118 percentDoes anyone doubt that there is a direct correlation between Arab-Muslim immigration into Europe and Jewish emigration out of Europe?  I would posit that the two are intimately connected due to the fact that the demographic moving into Europe has rates of anti-Semitism around the 80th percentile and is often not the least bit shy about demonstrating that tendency, sometimes violently and sometimes murderously. French Jews understand very well that the slaughter of Jewish people in the kosher market in Paris, concurrent with the Charlie Hebdo murders, and the 2012 slaughter at the Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse, means that the Jihad has arrived in Europe. READ MORE

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