Whistling Past the Graveyard, Jewish Progressives ignore community’s peril

J Street: A Knife Inside the Tent
by Charles Jacobs
November 6, 2015

Yet perhaps what is most painful is the behavior of two groups of American Jews – our confused leaders and our Jewish “progressives.” Knowing the growing Islamist threats faced by Europe’s Jews, no group has been more vociferous than American Jewish leaders, rabbinic and secular, about the absolute need for Jews here to assist Muslim refugees to enter Europe – no matter what. Locally and nationally, rabbis have – with much emotion – insisted that we see ourselves in the faces of these refugees, but somehow not in the faces of our besieged brothers and sisters in Europe who will reap the whirlwind. Most disheartening are the actions of “progressive” Jewish groups — J Street…and the New Israel Fund…, who “contextualize” the murders, who “understand” the stabbers and who come just inches away from justifying the murder of Jews. READ MORE

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