It begins as a conversation with an Israeli security guard, then Arab woman reaches into her purse to produce the knife [VIDEO]

Israeli Guard Recounts Thwarting Stabbing Attack on His Birthday: ‘I Got My Life as a Gift’
by Ruthie Blum
November 8, 2015

The Israeli security guard who was wounded in a stabbing attack in Beitar Illit and then neutralized his assailant on Sunday morning was celebrating his birthday, the Israeli news site nrg reported. Yishai Kreitenberger, who turned 33 today, recounted his ordeal from the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. Kreitenberger, a civilian, described the events leading up to the attack, carried out by a female Palestinian in traditional Muslim garb. “I was standing at the city’s guard post,” he said, “when I noticed the terrorist walking towards me…She was tense, looking around [as though] she was unfamiliar with the place…While I was talking, I saw her putting her hand in her purse. [When] I asked her why she was [doing that], she took out a knife and managed to scratch me with it.” At this point, Kreitenberger told nrg, he moved away, grabbed his weapon and shot her. READ MORE

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