A meme of the left: Jews are terrorists (just like Islamists)

CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield: Should We Ban Jews Since They’ve Committed Terrorist Attacks?
by Andrew Husband
December 8, 2015

CNN Legal View anchor Ashleigh Banfield and former Ronald Reagan White House administrator Jeffrey Lord argued vehemently over whether or not Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s proposed ban on Muslims mirrored past calls to ban Jewish immigrants before and during World War II. “If you supplant the word ‘Jews’ for ‘Muslims’ in a lot of the rhetoric that we’ve had this morning, I think people would find it sort of cringe-worthy and reminiscent of a really ugly time in our history,” said Banfield. She then wondered aloud whether or not the reaction would be any different if, per a hypothetical example, border patrol agents began asking those wanting to legally travel into or immigrate in the United States if they were Jews. “There are no Jews that are coming in here to destroy America,” responded Lord. “They’re coming here to get away from these people.” READ MORE

For a reminder of the difference between Jews and Islamists click here for the monthly  death toll and Weekly Jihad Report.

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